Minnow Creek Backpack Days 8 & 9 July 28 & 29

The morning of Saturday July 28 we rose early, packed up and moved down to lake 2a where I hoped to capture some images around that picturesque lake. Unfortunately nothing I shot was particularly impressive though we had a fine time that morning. After arriving we dropped our gear at a high over look rock at the north end. I broke out the Whisperlite and we made some hot chocolate. I went off to take some pictures and Joe sampled the fishing. Breezes kept the waters wavy and by time sun shined down on lupine along its shores, light was simply getting too harsh so we packed back up.

By 10am we were continuing down the horse trail along the lower lake we had not used on our way up. Here Joe is against a green turfy meadow with Lemmon's paintbrush and alpine aster with lake 1a poking through the trees.


As the horse trail dropped away more steeply into the lower Cold Creek canyon, we took our time working our way down the trail. Just above Graveyard Meadows at noon we stopped along Cold Creek and took a refreshing dip, snacks, and rest. Then at the meadows, ventured out to take a look. The shallow stream with undercut banks was absolutely full of brook trout with a few in many pools near a foot long. However everywhere were dried cow pies from cattle grazing the previous summer. Along with the pies were an abundance of house flies. Along the trail I saw something move and noticed it was an alligator lizard. A species I had occasionally caught as a child and learned they readily bite if grabbed. I flushed it out of a section of log and it froze about six feet away. So I quietly pulled out the SX130, went to zoom and.


We reached a section of Cold Creek below the meadows we planned to camp at and set up our tents. Flies were aggressive and after taking a dip and cooking a mid afternoon lunch we retired for naps where they would not bother us. Interestingly later when we came out, they never seemed too numerous as though they had moved down to the nearby stream. However there were a few mosquitoes about so we applied DEET for one of the few times during our trip.


There was a well used firepit at the site plus a pile of long wood. We had not bothered to make any campfires during the trip. Our trash bags were now larger than remaining food. I dumped mine out at my cooking area to take this amusing picture.


This 2000 pixel wide image is easier to read the package writing on.

trash bag contents

Sunday morning July 29 we did not waste any time once waking up to get packed up to ramble down the trail. Happy birthday Joe! It would be a dusty downhill 3.3 mile foot pounder while lacking most of the original food weight. At the Cold Creek bridge 0.8 miles from the trailhead, we stopped for our group shot. Looks like I had not bothered to remove my red cotton t-shirt. At 8:50am we reached the trailhead parking lot. Several hours later in early afternoon we were back at my work place parking lot.


On Monday I sent 41 sheets of 4x5 film off for development and received the package back on the following weekend. Over that weekend and many evenings since have been at my computer, editing some of my over 400 SX130 image files in Photoshop, scanning some of the 4x5 files, editing some of my brothers images, writing up this story, converting that into HTML while adding in jpg images, and going over it multiple times refining the result. Saturday 8/17/2012, I loaded these files onto my website. Sunday is also the anniversary of my dear mother's passing away at age 85 last August from MDS leukemia who we two brothers and many others loved so much. She will always be with us especially when we visit such wonderful places close to God and his creation.

4x5 images appearing in this feature story with the Day pages they are on. Note all but two of the 41 images were exposed well. I expose some film on subjects for my own enjoyment of having a large transparency I can look at that I know will have no public value. I could have added more to the story except just as in my online gallery there are images of aesthetic landscapes I hope to return to when conditions are better and choose to keep them unknown to the public until then.


   David Senesac

   email: info@davidsenesac.com

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