Minnow Creek Backpack Day 6 Thursday July 26

Thursday morning July 26 was too breezy to bother with my 4x5. I did walk around some and above at 6:30am shot this rusty hued erratic atop bedrock near Minnie Lake up against the sky with my SX130. Resigned to the situation, I then returned to camp and we packed up and left for our next destination near the outlet of Peter Pande Lake just 0.8 miles away.

We took the opportunity enroute to fish the south end of Peter Pande but only pulled out a few smaller fish. About 10am we reached the north end of the large lake and had found a camp spot near the outlet canal beside a broad bright sunny bedrock area. After dropping our gear in some shading trees too close to the water to legally set up camp, we set out with fishing gear to another section of the lake and worked hard catching a few nice brook trout providing us with another delicious fish and rice lunch. A pic by Joe, wouldn't you like to be casting a line out here?


Joe's image of a mature hook jaw male eastern brook between two rainbows.


Here I pointed my SX130 down into shallow shoreline underwater patterns of water diffracted granite stones. Very clear, very clean, cool alpine water.


Another section of the sparkling mossy turf lined sandy shore below. Even at this end of Peter Pande's shore beside the trail, there were no foot prints, an indication of how infrequently it is visited. After lunch we took a refreshing dip in the lake then layed out on warm nearby bedrock. There was so much one could do in this wonderful upper basin of Minnow Creek where I could easily spend much of a week leisurely basecamping.


Later in the afternoon we explored the nearby ridge west where I exposed a few modest sheets of 4x5 film. An SX130 view down towards the Peter Pande Lake outlet and marshy pond below.


As late afternoon shadows crept over our area, we moved gear out into the granite flats, set up our tents, cooked dinner, and had a quite enjoyable time walking the bedrock slabs at dusk before retiring. On my knees are the cheap Home Depot knee pads I often wear mainly because I kneel so often taking tripod mounted pictures.



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