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This web site,, is through an account with Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting. I've coded web pages in standard Hypertext Markup Language aka HTML and cascading style sheets aka CSS. The HTML version 4.01 and CSS version 2 are transisionally compliant. Well at least all my own code not including links to the host servers or my non-authored slideshow java script. Currently as of December 2013, there are about 3049 jpg image files, 261 HTML files using about 572 megabytes of server memory space. The gallery A on my home page markets 43 prints from 4x5 camera drum scanned and fully processed images photographed before the end of 2006. On the horizon are an additional 117 each 4x5 images in Gallery B photographed between 2007 and 2014 that are in the process of being drum scanned and then processed. Thus a total of 160 each 4x5 images. I also have available over 1400 smaller jpg images for stock and other usage taken by compact digital cameras on my Closeup Slideshows sub-page. Those images were taken by either a Canon G10 after February 2009 or Nikon Coolpix 3100 before. In 2014 I removed older 35mm and 6x7 images from Gallery A and various pages addressing print sales since I had put that to sleep in 2008 when the economy collapsed and I went back to my hi tech career.

My most interesting HTML work is on the Spring 2008 Wildflower Trip Chronicles April 2008 and Spring 2010 Wildflower Trip Chronicles April 2010 sub-pages that includes more use of Javascript. Otherwise, I wrote most of the code in June of 2004 with the general structure and appearance similar to what I have now in 2014. All code before 2009 was run through the HTML and CSS compliance validator tools tediously one by one while debugging away any non-compliant errors. As someone who worked in UNIX computer engineering in the 1980s and 1990s I have a fair background C, UNIX, and DOS computer languages so HTML was straightforward picking up.

I am aware some will find my site unusual even awkward in my choice of web page structure. Certainly it does not have the look of consumer web hosting programs with all their mouse buttons, frames, tool bars, blinking advertisements, and annoying animated gifs or music. Not that I couldn't code such if I wanted to haha. And my site does not look like the many photographer sites that typically have gallery index pages broken up into several hierarchical pages of various thumbnails surrounded by picture frames. That is intentional because I am not a fan of unnecessary clutter, rather preferring simplicity and clarity.

   David Senesac


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