aspen trunk
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Relative Resolution in 4x5 Large Format Prints

Viewing my image thumbnails, image pages, or crops won't really give viewers a good dimensional feel for the detailed resolution in these big 4x5 prints. However the image at right is a narrow 3 inch wide vertical slice of image 04_V1-4, titled Tall Red Quaking Aspen near Bishop Creek. On my home page image index, that is the sixth image down from the top on the left side. The tree trunk shown is the one just left of center in that image. The actual printed image is even sharper than what is shown because I've downsized the pixels by one-third in order to simulate a typical monitor screen pixel pitch that is usually a bit less than 100 RGB dot phosphors per inch near sized by Windows or one-third the print pixel pitch of 304.8 pixels per inch. The full print size is 28.6 inches wide by 37.6 inches tall with the height indicated by inch markings shown at right. A Tango drum scanned 4x5 Provia transparency can make a very large print that holds considerably more detail than 35mm or medium format color images on any film. The following link is the same image providing an example of an even narrower slice of this same crop at 100% print file pixels again without any sharpening than is already in the Lightjet5000 print file.