California Coastal Wildflower Close-ups
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This is a listing of closeup images in the California Coastal Wildflower Close-ups Gallery. There are currently a total of 94 wildflower images, a few of which contain more than one species. The listing sequence below is alphabetical per the fourth column scientific species latin names. Otherwise if one only knows a common name, use your browser window <CTRL>F  Find search tool to quickly locate a common name in the listing. Note however that there are often several common names for a given species, and this listing tends to show only one or in a few cases two.

By single mouse clicking the first column Image button, a wildflower image windows open. Additionally by single mouse clicking the adjacent first column Crop button, a new window opens with a 720x720 pixel magnified crop of that same image at 100% pixels. Some images do not have crops. Once a new window with an image displays, one may close that specific window by causing what is refered to as a mouseOver event on its Image button. To cause a mouseOver one must move the mouse cursor out away from the button, either Image or Crop, and then back in. Thus no need to waste effort moving one's mouse over to click the window top corner X to close. If the left edge of this window is placed fully to the left side of one's desktop, opening image windows will not interfere with the select fields.

The Species Latin Name field contains links to the University of California Berkeley's Jepson Flora Project species treatment out of the Jepson Manual that includes California range maps.

Select name jpg Species Latin Name Common Name Location
CT1291 148.jpg anagallis arvensis scarlet pimpernell Long Ridge OSP
GH0859 156.jpg anagallis arvensis scarlet pimpernell Salt Point SP
HX1374 177.jpg antirrhinum multiflorum many-flowered Snapdragon Santa Lucia Range
CW1471 146.jpg aquilegia formosa crimson columbine Golden Gate NRA
HB0185 164.jpg arctostaphylos manzanita Rancho Canada del Oro OSP
GH0858 152.jpg brodiaea terrestris dwarf brodiaea Ano Nuevo SR
DB0606 118.jpg calandrinia ciliata red maid Russian Ridge OSP
GB1184 153.jpg calochortus luteus gold nugget JD Grant Co Park
CV0570 132.jpg calochortus pulchellus Mount Diablo fairy lanterns Mt Diablo SP
JG3474 185.jpg calochortus tiburonesis Tiburon Mariposa Ring Mountain OSP
GH0859 156.jpg calochortus tolmei pussy ears Salt Point SP
BW5224 124.jpg calochortus uniflorus Monterey mariposa Point Lobos SR
BW5224 189.jpg calystegia soldanella beach morning glory Redwood NP
KC4217 198.jpg calystegia soldanella beach morning glory Redwood NP
BR5331 133.jpg camissonia cheiranthifolia beach evening primrose Pescadero SB
KC4217 197.jpg camissonia cheiranthifolia beach evening primrose Redwoods NP
IO2462 165.jpg cardamine californica milkmaids Sierra Azul OSP
CV0585 123.jpg castilleja affinis Indian paintbrush Mt Diablo SP
CV0582 102.jpg castilleja foliolosa woolly paintbrush Mt Diablo SP
DC0636 128.jpg castilleja franciscana Franciscan paintbrush Russian Ridge OSP
CP0390 131.jpg cirsium occidentale var. venustum red thistle JD Grant CP
KC4304 195.jpg clarkia concinna red ribbons Elk Creek
HW1342 178.jpg clarkia cylindrica speckled clarkia Garapata SB
DO5212 115.jpg clarkia purpurea winecup clarkia Sunol Regional W
DO5212 188.jpg clarkia rubicunda ruby chalice clarkia Ring Mountain OSP
BM0863 129.jpg clintonia andrewsiana red clintonia Jedediah Smith Redwoods SP
CU1413 150.jpg clintonia andrewsiana red clintonia Mt. Tamalpais SP
DF0934 116.jpg clintonia uniflora queen's cup Butano SP
CV0616 117.jpg collinsia heterophylla purple Chinese houses Mt Diablo SP
DR0364 111.jpg collinsia heterophylla Chinese houses Pinnacles NM
BY1153 149.jpg cynoglossum grande western hound's tongue Heritage Grove CP
CS1255 122.jpg cypripedium californicum California lady's slipper Smith River canyon
HH0466 159.jpg dichelostemma capitatum blue dicks San Luis Wildlife Area
GK0827 154.jpg delphinium nudicaule canyon delphinium Santa Cruz Mtns
CH0960 137.jpg dicentra formosa bleeding heart Cloverdale Ranches Peninsula OST
KB4101 192.jpg dicentra formosa bleeding heart Butano SP
BM0793 106.jpg digitalis purpurea foxglove Trinidad Head bay
HG0459 163.jpg dodecatheon clevelandii ssp. patulum Padres shootingstar San Luis Wildlife Area
HG0422 161.jpg dodecatheon hendersonii mosquito bills San Luis Wildlife Area
JE3290 184.jpg downingia pulchella valley downingia San Francisco Bay lands
KA4059 191.jpg dudleya cymosa canyon dudleya Big Canyon
BW5228 135.jpg erigeron glaucus seaside daisy Point Lobos SR
CP0387 105.jpg eschscholtzia californica California poppy JD Grant CP
CP0382 119.jpg eschscholtzia californica California poppy JD Grant CP
DC0626 109.jpg eschscholtzia californica California poppy Russian Ridge OSP
AQ9649 120.jpg eschscholtzia californica California poppy Diablo Range
JG3457 190.jpg eschscholtzia californica California poppy Ring Mountain OSP
KC4333 196.jpg fragaria chiloensis beach strawberry Redwoods NP
CH0984 110.jpg fritillaria lanceolata mission bells Butano SP
JA3053 187.jpg gilia achilleifolia California gilia Hamilton Range
AR4173 113.jpg gilia tricolor birds-eye gilia Pacheco SP
DN0650 136.jpg gilia tricolor birds-eye gilia Sunol Regional W
KC4131 186.jpg glehnia leiocarpa beach silvertop Redwood NP
CU1420 108.jpg iris douglasiana Douglas iris Mt. Tamalpais SP
GH0936 155.jpg iris douglasiana Douglas iris Salt Point SP
KC4133 193.jpg lathyrus littoralis silky beach pea Redwood NP
DC0622 125.jpg layia platyglossa tidy tip Russian Ridge OSR
DF0893 141.jpg limnanthes douglasii ssp. nivea Douglass's meadow foam Butano SP
HH0490 162.jpg triphysaria eriantha ssp. eriantha butter-and-eggs San Luis Wildlife Area
CV0595 130.jpg lithophragma affine woodland star Mt Diablo SP
BW5221 134.jpg lotus formosissimus witches teeth Point Lobos SR
GH0909 158.jpg lupinus microcarpus var. densiflorus chick lupine coast of Sonoma Co
HP0967 172.jpg lupinus cervinus Santa Lucia lupine Santa Lucia Range
GC0208 181.jpg marah fabaceus wild cucumber San Luis WA
HP0991 175.jpg mimulus aurantiacus bush monkeyflower Santa Lucia Range
CC4131 107.jpg nemophila menziesii var. atomaria white baby-blue-eyes Calero CP
HB0185 160.jpg nemophila menziesii var. atomaria baby blue eyes Henry Coe SP
HO0940 171.jpg camissonia boothii Booth's suncup Santa Lucia Range
CH0975 145.jpg oxalis oregana redwood sorrel Butano SP
HQ1042 168.jpg oxalis oregana redwood sorrel Butano SP
IO2458 182.jpg pedicularis densiflora Indian warrior Sierra Azul OSP
GB1166 179.jpg penstemon heterophyllus foothill penstemon Diablo Range
HP0980 174.jpg phacelia viscida tacky phacelia Santa Lucia Range
DN0650 136.jpg platystemon californicus cream cup Sunol Regional W
BM1128 151.jpg platystemon californicus cream cup Point St. George
CP0382 119.jpg ranunculus californica California buttercup JD Grant CP
BM0872 103.jpg rhododendron macrophyllum California rose-bay Six Rivers NF
BM0996 139.jpg rhododendron occidentale fuchsia-flowered gooseberry
IS2569 169.jpg ribes speciosum fuchsia-flowered gooseberry Henry Coe SP
GZ0150 170.jpg ribes malvaceum chaparral currant Sierra Azul OSP
HP0968 173.jpg salvia spathacea hummingbird sage Santa Lucia Range
IR2508 167.jpg scoliopus bigelovii fetid adders-tongue Big Basin SP
DB0610 126.jpg sidalcea malviflora checkerbloom Russian Ridge OSP
JG3457 190.jpg silene californica Indian pink Ring Mountain OSP
CP0387 105.jpg sisyrinchium bellum blue-eyed grass JD Grant CP
CH0990 142.jpg smilacina stellata star solomon's seal Heritage Grove CP
HE0300 157.jpg solanum umbelliferum blue witch Henry Coe SP
GB1164 180.jpg stylomecon heterophylla wind poppy Diablo Range
BY1140 140.jpg tellima grandiflora fringe cups Pescadero Creek
CU1431 144.jpg trientalis latifolia star flower Mt. Tamalpais SP
KC4304 194.jpg trifolium willdenovii tomcat clover Prairie Creek Redwoods SP
CS1255 121.jpg trillium chloropetalum giant trillium Long Ridge OSP
CH1006 201.jpg trillium ovatum western trillium Pescadero Creek
BY1132 104.jpg trillium ovatum western trillium Heritage Grove CP
CH0978 112.jpg trillium ovatum western trillium Butano SP
CT1273 143.jpg viola ocellata two-eyed violet Long Ridge OSP
CT1271 114.jpg viola ocellata two-eyed violet Long Ridge OSP
DB0606 118.jpg viola pedunculata johnny-jump-up Russian Ridge OSP
DB0609 127.jpg viola pedunculata johnny-jump-ups Russian Ridge OSP
DC0626 109.jpg viola pedunculata johnny-jump-up Russian Ridge OSP
IU2685 166.jpg viola sempervirens evergreen violet Big Basin SP
CS1212 147.jpg wyethia helinioides gray mule ears Long Ridge OSP
GH0925 138.jpg zigadenus venenosus var. venenosus death camas Salt Point SP
HT1112 176.jpg unknown unknown Salt Point SP
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